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Re: [ide-dev] Code editors in the Eclipse (IDE)

On 06/23/2016 02:06 PM, Daniel Megert wrote:
I agree that this would have to be a new editor and not add-ons to the existing Text Editor.
The Text Editor could be made more extensible via composition rather than inheritance. Sopot and I have tried an extension-based approach to TextSourceViewerConfigurator for Coloration, completion and hover (similarly to how hyperlinks are currently supported), and for a 1st experiment, it has positive results.
As part of these experiments, it seems like seems most powerful editors currently override the default implementation for content assist, hover and coloration; changing the default behavior to consume some extensions doesn't cascade to them.

Then the Language-Server specific features could either be implemented as extension to default text editor or in yet-another-editor extending TextEditor and TextSourceViewerConfigurator.

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