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Re: [ide-dev] Code editors in the Eclipse (IDE)

Finally implementing all this directly into TextEditor will most likely
not work because one will interfere with subclasses like JDT, Xtext, ...
and IIRC the editor uses SourceViewer as now (subclasses like JDT
overwrite that) and eg for Folding you need to have a ProjectionViewer.

Leave it alone and start with a clean code base who takes the lessons
learned since then and implement a new one:
* who uses services
* who uses dependency injection
* who can run in
  - the Eclipse IDE
  - an e4 application with core.resources
  - an e4 application without core.resources
  - an plain java-application without core.resources
  - an e4 application with SWT
  - an e4 application with *fill-in-your-favorite*
* don't use preferences to carry colors, they should come from a theme

Now to finish up: Can this be done, is there a PoC.

Yes there is:




​A question, how does such an editor leverage existing technology in Eclipse? For instance, does AnyEdit work with it? (from your description, it seems it won't work, in which case it's almost a new Eclipse -- not that it's not valid, this is the path taken by Eclipse Che and Orion, but I'm not sure if this should be the path in the Eclipse codebase itself).



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