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Re: [ide-dev] Dropping the release names (Neon, Oxygen) from user downloads

On 29 Apr 2016, at 10:58, Lars Vogel <lars.vogel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Gunnar, Platform may also change their policy over time so you should not pick a schema that assumes Platform will forever work like today

But this whole discussion if based on this fundamental assumption. It's all about semantics. A lot adopters use the existing schema to identify the stream they will be using as a foundation. It drives a lot decisions in the adapter community.

If the platform is going to a more frequent release schedule - which I would appreciate - then the whole existing release train naming scheme doesn't make much sense anymore. Then indeed, we are turning towards an Ubuntu like model. But currently we are not release Eclipse like Ubuntu, that's why that scheme does not make sense.

Keep in mind, the subject says: "dropping the [..] names [..] from [..]  downloads". What you are suggesting now is more like "throw away our current one major release per year strategy". Again, that is totally fine and would help me also as an adopter very much. But it's not something that should be discussed lightweight with the context of the current issue. It doesn't make sense to introduce an Ubuntu-like versioning scheme if the release train rhythm does not change.

FWIW, I started to capture what I have seen in the thread here:


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