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Re: [ide-dev] Dropping the release names (Neon, Oxygen) from user downloads

On 04/28/2016 05:20 PM, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
Sounds good.
BTW, IntelliJ is also moving to naming releases on a year basis:

However, to me an even more important aspect is that Eclipse doesn't automatically update across major releases. This will be even more confusing if Eclipse adopts a year-based naming scheme, because the user will either expect continuous updates forever, or alternatively that a new download/manual-installation is required for the first release of a new year.
I do not see it as a blocker for this proposal. What's proposed is IMO clearly better than the current status.
The good thing is that indeed, renaming somehow slowly drive us to the ultimate goal of continuous delivery. I see this step of using year-based release name as a benefit for everyone and also as a small step forward to continuous delivery. That's 1 more good reason to do it ;)
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