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[ide-dev] Experiment

Just for a minute, pretend you're a Java developer that doesn't know anything other than people have told you that Eclipse is a pretty good Java IDE and you want to find more and give it a try.

What do you do?

Well, you probably google "Eclipse".

Now luckily, maybe it's because I'm at work now and we have people google Eclipse often enough that the Foundation page is the first hit and not the movie.

So you Click it. Hmm, don't see mention of a Java IDE, oh wait, there's this circle with IDE & Tools in it so you click there. And you get our IDEs page. I guess the Java IDE isn't that important to Eclipse because you have to scan the page to find it. But you do and click on the link.

And you get this.

Well, that doesn't tell me anything. Other than it must awesome since there are only 22 open bugs on it.

I also heard IntelliJ is a good Java IDE, so I google it. And well, no wonder people think it's better, It looks pretty nice.

I was just reading Wayne's blog on the Planet which was sparked by Lars's comments on the EPP site and supported by others that suggest we use the already overcrowded menus to promote Eclipse features. We're in a pretty sad state when that becomes the only way we can market our wares.

My apologies for the rant, just feeling a bit tired and cranky today.

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