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Re: [ide-dev] Fw: Che as an alternative to IntelliJ...

On 01/28/2016 04:00 PM, Tyler Jewell wrote:
I appreciate you taking the time to say these thoughts.
I appreciate you taking time to answer those ;)
First of all, let me just clarify that this is not a big affair, and that my concern only focus on the exact sentence "Che as an alternative to IntelliJ". I believe the other pieces of the article are good, that Che's vision and strategy is good, that Che is probably going to get a good market share, Che brings some attention on the Eclipse community... Che is definitely a positive thing for the Eclipse ecosystem, and I'm not judging that.
I also understand that communicating about Che can be a tricky thing when one of its main competitors (Eclipse IDE) is so closely related ;)

First, all of the words that are published in the Eclipse Foundation newsletter are the words of the author, not of the Foundation itself.  So you can squarely put any concerns on specific language towards me as the Eclipse Che project lead.  Though given that it is branded as an Eclipse newsletter, it is likely that an anonymous reader will infer that the words are endorsed and reflective of the views of the Eclipse Foundation. So we have a scenario where a project leader - myself - is using strong language, and getting tacit, implied support for a broader organization based upon the nature of how it is published.  But for the most part, while the foundation could be somewhat complicit, let's go ahead and assume that any concerns that were generated by the article can be addressed with me, both as a project leader, author, and board member.
Yes, and when I read it, I understand it's your words. But most readers don't know that, and some have really seen that as an official statement from the Eclipse Foundation.

Third, this article is intended to do good for all Eclipse projects, especially the IDE.  And it actually gathered the Eclipse IDE team a lot of amazingly good market will.
I'm failing to understand what concretely that means. I probably didn't look at the right comments. The one I saw that started the discussion was something like "Eclipse Che as an alternative to IntelliJ shows how the Eclipse IDE is doomed". I don't call it a good market will.
However, I may have looked only at the bad ones and missed the ones that have produced a good impact on the image of Eclipse IDE.
So let's not be too upset about Che's success
Once again (I really want it to be clear), I'm not and I won't be upset about Che's success. It's only one sentence that I believe gave to the audience bad signals about the Eclipse IDE.

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