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[ide-dev] Che as an alternative to IntelliJ...

Hi all,

Like so many people, I've read
I'm a bit disappointed to see on an official Eclipse Foundation media an article that put in the 1st line a sentence that seems to assume IntelliJ is the most important IDE. I've seen some reactions on twitter where the simple fact of presenting something as a alternative to intellij was interpreted as an admittance of Eclipse IDE being inferior to IntelliJ, and that is wrong. Some people even wondered whether the Che IDE was a full replacement for the Eclipse IDE and whether the Eclipse IDE is still maintained.

Despite being good for Che, I believe this article has a bad impact on Eclipse IDE, whereas many of us make some efforts to improve its image.
Most of Eclipse contributors are still working on Eclipse IDE, with the continuous goal of satisfying Eclipse users; and Eclipse IDE is still an alternative to IntelliJ (and if I remember correctly the last usage statistics, it's still IJ that's an alternative to Eclipse). I believe the message of this article totally hides and diminish the efforts being done on Eclipse IDE, and basically sends the wrong message to the readers.

Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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