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[ide-dev] FEEP update - Round 2 of funding projects coming this week


We wanted to update you on the FEEP program, our development program funded exclusively through the Friends of Eclipse program.

The first round of FEEP proposals led to 3 contracts being awarded:
  1. Implement Auto-Save of Editors ->  Obeo ($20,000)
  2. Address Outstanding Issues - Toolbar and Menu Contributions  -> Obeo ($20,000)
  3. Identify Opportunities to Improve Start-up times -> Ed Merks ($5,000)
Thank you to those of you who submitted proposals, and especially to Ed and Obeo. 

Also, thanks to those who provided feedback on the process and the specific RFPs.  Based on your feedback, we are working to ensure it is easier to scope the effort of work required for each development effort. 

Since the first round, the Architecture Council spent significant effort to provide a list of their priorities as recommendations for FEEP projects.  This input has been great to more clearly identify on what areas to focus, and to better clarify the desired outcomes. Many thanks to the effort to everyone who participated in making this happen!!

The next round of request for proposals will be released no later than Wednesday of this week, and will remain open for approximately 2 weeks. We hope you will consider working on these important initiatives to improve the Eclipse IDE/Platform.  

Paul White
VP, Member Services
Eclipse Foundation Inc.

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