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Re: [ide-dev] A new survey

I’m not sure it’s a minor issue since there is no way to provide this information in a way the user could understand, not without providing a mapping to all the Strings that define those preferences. That might be just as much work as making Preferences work correctly and setting them as ConfigurationScope when they should be shared between workspaces.

And my apologies if my feelings about Oomph offend people. That’s certainly not my intent as I tend not to personify the code and features provided by a software product. I just want the best experience possible for new users since they represent a growth business for all of us. Some of the features we provide, such as CDT’s new project wizard, are clearly done without proper empathy for them and it’s something we all need to improve.


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On 11/03/2015 04:17 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
I don¹t have Oomph installed in my IDE
so I don¹t get the benefits of it¹s magic. When I did, it was shocked by
the UX. Presenting the internal IDs of preferences to the user who doesn¹t
have much hope of understanding what they mean is not what I was hoping to
introduce to new users. The correct way is to just do the right thing and
not bother the user with it unless they really want to.
I believe what you're mentioning here is a relatively minor UX issue in Oomph that could be logged in a bug to find a dialog which better maps user knowledge, not something that fully invalidates Oomph approach.

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