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Re: [ide-dev] A new survey


Yes the concept is similar.  In fact, the foundation is driving further effort to be enable users to save such preferences remotely (at Eclipse) so a user can share preferences across machines.  This effectively introduces a machine scope.   The user chooses which preferences are machine (and user scope) by virtue of choosing which to record in their local user.setup.  The user further chooses which preferences are cross machine (i.e., user) scope by virtue of choosing to record them in their remote account.    Yes, the recording of changes, the application of recordings, and the synchronization of remote recordings can be easily disabled.

We've also been working on properly supporting preferences that are lists and XML blobs, so that Oomph can properly record a delta and apply that delta.   I.e., you can record the JDT formatter profile you added, which is stored as an XML blog) and apply that to each workspace.  Or record it in a project setup so the project-specific formatter profile is available and can be made active, via the preference for the active formatter profile.

So yes, we are actively solving this issue.  Much of it is already done in fact.  And we are addressing broader issues not yet raised.

On 03/11/2015 6:56 AM, Mickael Istria wrote:
On 11/02/2015 10:27 PM, Marcel Bruch wrote:

There is a instance, a configuration and a default scope. Why is there no *user scope* which stores preferences like spell checker enablement in the user’s home folder instead into the workspace or eclipse installation folder?
Saving some preferences in user scope instead of the workspace scope will certainly require some changes to the existing UI. But it seems legit to ask why it’s not there...

Oomph provides a similar concept as user scope with the preference recorder. If I understood correctly, InstanceScope preference changes get recorded in the ~/.eclipse folder, and other applications can consume this ~/.eclipse folder to "initialize" their instance scope.
I guess this can easily be disabled for RCP products. If so, isn't this issue already solved?
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