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Re: [ide-dev] How good is HTML5 support?

Already listening :)
As Mike said there is work ongoing in Board IP committee to make it easier to consume Node packages, most of which are acceptably licensed, but have weak to non-existent provenance tracking. 
Also worth mentioning, Orion has built up a decent catalog of fully IP-cleared _javascript_ and HTML tooling libraries that could be used in the desktop as well, with an approach like the one taken by This includes a fully HTML5 compliant HTML parser and ECMA 6 _javascript_ support. I haven't done a close analysis vs the current state of the Java-based web tooling but it's an option to consider.
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Subject: Re: [ide-dev] How good is HTML5 support?
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I would highly encourage everyone here to ‎raise these sorts of issues with the Committer Reps (cc'd) so that they can represent your interests at the Board. 
Mike Milinkovich
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That’s a great point Ed. I often bring up the Xtext example of trying to the best for it’s users but it really is a pretty bad experience, especially if you miss the prompt in the Console window and the build just hangs. Having a common solution with a better UX would help our users over those hurdles.
I’m hopeful that a good compromise can be reached to alleviate the Board’s concerns while making the Eclipse IDE competitive. We’re all putting our blood and soul into this thing to make it great and we have a great opportunity to do that. It’s what keeps me motivated.
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Moving the IP boundary a bit may help but surely many problems will remain?

Some projects get round the restriction by assisting users in downloading unapproved contributions. e.g. Xtext downloads ANTLR 3 via a Console prompt. Subversive replicates a P2 install for its adapters. This works but is a little inelegant. A more centralized facility might run off an extension point and automatically download third party add-ons from third party sites as part of a normal P2 installation. This could finally break the IP impasse whereby everyone has to continue to love Xalan XSLT when Saxon is so much better.


        Ed Willink

On 25/10/2015 16:36, Mike Milinkovich wrote:
On 24/10/2015 6:07 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
Understood. But this is an important point. I think we need to understand whether this allows us to build an Eclipse IDE that competes with WebStorm, for example, which has all sorts of features that call into the npm ecosystem. But I’m sure you’ve already had those discussions at the Board level as you discussed being more user focused.

We haven't discussed competing with any particular IDE at the Board. What we have discussed is that the IP process sometimes gets in the way of our ability to compete. It is clearly an advantage in many areas, but in the world of web development and cloud delivery, it can be a problem.
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