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[ide-dev] Marketing IDE /was: Ctrl-1 driven development

On 10/20/2015 07:24 PM, Ian Skerrett wrote:
Thanks, Ian. Much appreciated!
BTW, another interesting idea is to record how-to videos. I’ve done that for the Arduino C++ plug-ins. Do we have an Eclipse Youtube channel?
I would love to have a series of how-to videos. We could even do a webinar series. We have a number of channels we can use to promote our IDEs, including our newsletter that is sent out to $125K+ subscribers. My main challenge is finding people to provide content.
I have a naive question on this topic, since I did never read fully the Foundation missions statement; but isn't one of the tasks of the Foundation to create marketing material -demos, videos, blogs, slides- for the Eclipse IDE and to promote it in social media, conferences and so on? (Note that I'm strictly speaking about the IDE, not about the ecosystem and events for which the marketing seems efficient enough IMHO).
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