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Re: [ide-dev] How good is HTML5 support?

On 2015-10-23, 9:27 PM, "ide-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Pascal
Rapicault" <ide-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of pascal@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

>In the context of providing input for the FEEP, I'm going through my
>easyeclipse notes and I came across the result of a survey where a lot
>of people were complaining about the support for HTML5 and Javascript.
>How are we doing on this?

I assume you¹re talking about developing HTML5 and not showing it in an
internal browser.

There is a bit of working happening in JSDT to make that better. But I
think we¹re so far behind they can definitely use some help.

I mentioned earlier that I¹m doing some cloud development along with my
Eclipse work. The Java side, of course, is fine, but developing the web
client is pretty embarrassing. I think it¹s getting to be a pretty
standard architecture that you write static front end code using HTML, CSS
or  CSS preprocessor like SAS, and your favorite JavaScript/TypeScript/etc
framework which makes REST calls back to the server. For most projects,
both the front end and back end code tends to be developed by the same
person. So, yeah, we really need good HTML5 support to do both and stay


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