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[ide-dev] FEEP Cycle # 1 - Request for Proposals


We are pleased to announce our request for proposals for the first list of enhancements and improvements to the IDE/Platform to be funded under FEEP, our new development program funded exclusively through the Friends of Eclipse program. 

As described in more detail in the FEEP program description, you are invited to bid on any or all of the Approved Development Efforts. Please note that to view this list you must first be logged in using your account; if you don't have an account you can generate one here.

For each bid, we ask that you include, as a minimum:

  • Description of the approach to address the Development Effort.
  • Identification of who will perform the work (i.e., named developers).
  • The proposed timeframe for the development effort, including a target delivery date.
  • Proposed outcome for the work, including how to demonstrate the work has been completed.
  • Any dependencies or caveats that exist that must be addressed, or might impact the outcome.
  • Explicit list of deliverables, including any interim deliverables.
  • A proposed price, including whether the bid is being made on a fixed price or time and materials basis, and whether any interim milestones and associated and/or interim payments are proposed.

Proposals may be submitted by first logging in, selecting the appropriate Development Effort from the list, and selecting the "Create a Proposal for this item" button.  Alternatively, you may submit a proposal directly to feep@xxxxxxxxxxx using a different format, but the information included should be similar to that shown in the online form.

Proposals are finalized by either by selecting the "Submit" button with the online system or by emailing directly to feep@xxxxxxxxxxx.  Each Development Effort requires a separate proposal, and each proposal must be submitted separately. 

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, November 10th.  We expect to award contracts to the winning bidders the week of November 16th, with development expected to begin shortly thereafter.

Please note that Eclipse Foundation has committed to posting a list of the winning bidders, along with the contract value, at the end of the bid process.  You will be asked to acknowledge this disclosure as part of the contract terms between you and Eclipse.

We have prepared a bid process FAQ to address expected questions.  Please direct any additional questions regarding the list of Approved Development Efforts or the bid process to feep@xxxxxxxxxxx.  Please note that we may post your question, along with our answer, to the general mailing list, if we deem appropriate to clarify for all intended bidders.

We hope you will participate in the program, and together we can continue to make improvements to the Eclipse IDE/Platform. 

Paul White
VP, Member Services
Eclipse Foundation Inc.

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