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Re: [ide-dev] FEEP Funding - Was: Ctrl-1 driven development

Greetigns ide-dev,

at the last architecture council meeting EF asked the community to come up with prioritized suggestions how the FEEP funding could be used.

I summarized briefly which ideas were discussed in this thread and created bugs for later reference but I’d like to encourage committers and users to create *their* suggestions in Bugzilla [1] as well. This list will help to see where a majority of users think improvements are needed and allows the EF to prioritize accordingly. A list of all current proposals can be found at [2].

480177	[FEEP] XML editor technology face-lift
480176	[FEEP] Ship external file type editor registry
479541	[FEEP] New Project Website for Java Tooling (FWIW, alternative funding found)



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