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Re: [ide-dev] Ctrl-1 driven development

I took notes from some of the points discussed in this thread, and I
added the following bugs:
Bug 480034 - Improve Eclipse default XML editor: to either improve the
existing one or bring WTP XML Editor as default editor
Bug 480036 : WTP XML Editor Source View as default: The WTP XML Editor
could be more immediate by putting XML code view as default view
Bug 480035: WTP XML Editor Automatic change tag: Automatically change
the start tag or the end tag when you edit the other one

I added also the following Forum question:
POST :Move / Copy an Eclipse project artifact into another project:
What it is needed to take an editor from one Eclipse project to
another (platform )

I am not pretending to be complete, so - please - add and complement
the above as you like.
Thanks for making Eclipse so great.
Best Regards

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