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Re: [ide-dev] Some Infos About Oomph

Where can I try that nice oomph looking installer ?

and is there a a way to reuse it for building my own custom installer of content, such as JBoss Tools and/or JBoss Developer Studio ?


Hi Mikael,

Comments below...



Am 28.01.2015 um 09:18 schrieb Mickael Istria:
Thanks Eike for this details. Based on your explanation, I have a few questions/comments.

I imagine that we all agree that end-users downloading Eclipse IDE for the first time won't want nor be able to define what they want in any language.
No, the majority of them neither can nor want to do that. A few maybe do and for those we provide a New Profile Wizard and a nice tree structure editor, including an execution preview in the Outline view.

So that's not something they should see or care about, it's more an technical internal choice.
Yes, except for the authors of well-managed product profiles or project profiles and for those who like our tree structure editor and want full control over their user profile.

What's the workflow for new users? Shipping a minimal Oomph-capable RCP instead of EPP packages, and this minimal app would start a wizard to help users to define what they want and then provision the IDE?
Yes, that's one goal. Here's a screenshot of this simple installer wizard:


You see, it's really not very different from the current download pages. Please note that the installer comes as a self-extracting executable on Windows (for now). On all platforms it supports Java VM discovery and management for both the installer itself and the installed products.

Is Oomph able to listen to "structural" IDE actions (such as addition of some new feature or setting of a global preference) and to maintain a "current" profile according to it? For example, assuming I install an IDE provisioned by Oomph, and then install e4 Tools in it; then can I export and backup a profile that automatically contains my initial IDE + the addition of e4 tools?
Currently we've only implemented a recorder for the global workspace preferences. We're working on a more general framework to listen to these "structual changes" in the running IDE, generate SetupTasks from them and store them in a profile. Yatta has also already worked on a couple of these "task builders" and is involved in the effort to store these profiles at and make them available to other users.

And then can I either re-provision a new IDE or an existing one with the profile definition I exported?
Currently we always add these generated SetupTasks to the user profile and that particular profile is applied to any IDE or workspace anyways (restrictions can be specified, too). With our tree structure editors you can easily move/copy these tasks from your user profile to product or project profiles. And we'll soon start to make it easier for the user to control where these generated tasks will be stored. For example we've discussed a new "machine profile" to separate machine-specific from user-specific setup aspects.

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