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Re: [ide-dev] Yet another article advising to leave Eclispe

On 20 Oct 2014, at 13:25, Mickael Istria wrote:

On 10/17/2014 08:49 PM, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
...where do I find the "File Navigator"?

It does not exist yet, but I want to see one made.
There is one in RSE: Install RSE, open the "Remote locations" view, and expand the "Local" node. It's your filesystem, you can edit any file (when you have permission) from there. It's pretty cool, I like it a lot, but I suspect that no-one would ever think of using the "Remote locations" view when thinking about how to view "Local" filesystem, just because Remote and Local are kind of antonyms in this context.

ha - I thought the same over the weekend.

But is the RSE implemented as common navigator ? Then creating this might just be a matter or reusing RSE and enable your nested project view on it ?


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