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Re: [ide-dev] 10 ideas to improve Eclipse IDE usability


On 28/05/2014 2:38 PM, Carsten Reckord wrote:
Additionally, number 8 "Stop showing nonsense warning and suggestion" tends
to come up again and again.

Instead of discussing for the umpteenth time which errors/warnings should be
on or off by default, I suggest a default quickfix for all problem markers
(where applicable) that just disables that marker type in the preferences.
This would let people easily get to their comfortable level of warnings and
it would eliminate the need to hunt down the specific preference controlling
a certain marker.

I would file a bug, but I'm not sure for which component. Would this be
something that every marker contributor (e.g. CDT or JDT) had to do on their
own? Or is it something that the Platform can provide?

On 28.05.2014 10:49, Mickael Istria wrote:
Thanks. Those are mostly good suggestions of improvements. Too bad
people prefer dropping a bottle in the sea instead of giving feedback on
I kept the 3 of them that makes the most sense and are the more
consensual IMO, and turned them into bugs:
* (my favorite)

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