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Re: [ide-dev] Survey results

To be concrete, the survey talked about "Potential programming problems". In the Potential programming problems section, there are currently only the following set to ignore by default:

Possible accidental boolean assignment e.g., if (a = b)
Boxing and unboxing conversions
Empty statement
Unused object allocation
Switch missing default case
Switch case fall through
Potential resource leak
Missing synchronized modifier on inherited method
Class overrides equals but not hashCode

For the most part these are pretty reasonable warnings, with possible exception of box/unbox which is warning about simply using a feature of the Java language. Just be prepared that there is backlash *every* time we make a change that introduces warnings for people - although at least in this case we have some data to back up the decision.


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On 12/09/2013 02:53 PM, Ian Skerrett wrote:
If you implement that change it will definitely annoy this minority.
And what about the majority?

Also, due to the nature of the change, my assumption is that a subset of people that said ‘yes’ did not appreciate the impact of the change so when it is implemented they will wish they had voted ‘no’.
We've all reworked the question several times to make it explicit. I thought we've agreed the question was good enough so that we could trust the outcome of the survey and turn it into a concrete action (Yes or No to all warnings). Why deciding to almost ignore the vote now? Or why even asking the question if it's to ignore 65% of "Yes" ?

65% of people have expressed they'd like all warnings. We've discussed that the survey and reaction to results would also be a way to encourage the community to give feedback. I think letting 35% of community decide of everything is not fair at all.

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