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Re: [ide-dev] Getting feedback on IDE

On 11/18/2013 06:58 PM, Wayne Beaton wrote:
Perhaps we can set up a web-based interface that we can expose on the Welcome page though a browser widget?
The issue with Welcome page is that you see it only once: when you start Eclipse for the first time, then you close it and you won't see it until next time you install Eclipse. That's my personal (non-)usage of the Welcome page.
However, although it may not be the top-visible place, it has the merit of being an easy and possible one. So +1 for making this on the Welcome page until we find some better places.

Or we can be more integrated via some sort of JSON API if somebody has the necessary cycles to do the work. The web-based option gives us the best of both worlds. In either case, I'd rather avoid unsolicited pop-ups.
Rest|JSON API would have the advantage of being useful for both Eclipse-dialogs based approach and Web/HTML approach.

Both would be relatively easy from a server POV. Though, managing an unbounded list of questions may present a UI challenge.
I think about 1 question per page and an infinite "Next >" button.
My sense is that the Eclipse UI portions belong in the EPP.
Ok, thanks for the hint.
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