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Re: [ide-dev] IDE working group questions

>Anyway, you points made me thinking of some other approach to the working
>group. Currently, the intention is to involve funding parties into any
>discussion around the roadmap. Would it be better if a vision and roadmap
>is built upfront by a group of experienced people? This way, there is way
>less influence/discussion/participation for the funding members but they
>actually buy into a roadmap for the next 6-12 month. Thoughts?

I think that's what I'd prefer to see. Ideally the roadmap leads us back
to industry leading status and has to be put together by the visionaries
amongst us. The Working Group lets companies participate without having to
put up their own developers, and of course they deserve influence on the
vision and roadmap as do all contributors to it's realization. But I'd bet
a lot of them would be happy if they were presented a great list.

Mind you that being said, vision by committee can get out of hand quickly
as that committee grows and diversifies, so we have to be careful there

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