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Re: [ide-dev] [Crazy Idea] Humble Eclipse Bundle

On 10/18/2013 11:50 AM, Cédric Brun wrote:
Reactions ?
IMO, the debate has turned too much into "how to get more money?", and has lost focus on the possible IDE improvements.

That said, since we are speaking about business:
I'm trying to figure out how an employee can ask his boss to pay 30$ for the reasons you mentioned, and I have to admit that a pragmatic boss wouldn't see much benefit compared to using the free version. If the company is small and has a quick purchase process, it may work in a few cases. In big companies, it would take much time to get the purchase request approved, and such big companies have policies against individual software purchase and prefer to deal with multi-users licenses. What would happen in that case, would a big software company only pay 30$ for some configuration and branding of their main development tool used by 1000 developers?
* It's almost impossible to get money from developers.
* It's possible to get money from companies, but it should be much more that 30$. So you'll need to set up a license system for multi-users, which is very complicated.
I'm thinking such service would be a nice offering for Eclipse members (who already paid), or could be a valid business for a company who sells support for Eclipse IDE (is there already one?). But I don't see how this would make the IDE better.
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