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Re: [ide-dev] Development Process

Every committer with the ability to do review are also committed in writing code. To take the example of JDT, all active committers are all working on Java 8 as Stephan explained (which is totally fine), so there is no time left available for reviews. There is a dozen of incoming reviews for JDT. So the fact that there is no-one currently available to review stuff slows down the contribution process makes that some of this reviews will get ignored for some long time, and maybe not even make it for Luna. Why? Because reviewers are currently working on writing code.

The current bottleneck for contributions is not the amount of code produced by contributors, but the ability to review it by committers.

That's why I still think that getting the Foundation or contributing companier to hire developers won't make more contributions merged. Instead, ensuring there are some people who are committed in reviewing and which make reviews their very #1 task. Such people wouldn't be required to write features or to follow a roadmap. Just they would review contributions whenever one gets in. I don't think a company would be ready to hire someone just to review stuff, but they might be OK to found someone which would significantly speed up the contribution process. So the Eclipse Foundation could hire the "Linus Torvalds" of Eclipse, who would commit in reviewing contributions on the Core parts of Eclipse (Platform, UI, JDT). But that brings various questions that doesn't make it so easy: Who is the Linus Torvalds of Eclipse? Can the Foundation afford it?

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