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Re: [ide-dev] Why we dropped Eclipse in favour of IntelliJ | Java Code Geeks

> From: "Konstantin Komissarchik" <konstantin.komissarchik@xxxxxxxxxx>
> We already have a system for organizing interested parties around Eclipse,
> pooling resources, etc., but we refuse to let The Foundation hire actual
> developers, believing (incorrectly) that a diverse ecosystem is always
> better.

This has been discussed in depth within the Eclipse Board, and at least in the last two years I have not heard that argument used against the idea. There is a brief summary of one such instance at [1]. The main sticking point on this idea has been finding a stable source of funding for it. Developers are expensive, and the Foundation in its current form doesn't have the long term financial backing to fund development. I would love to hear anyone's ideas on this (either in public or private), and as a committer representative on the Board I would be happy to bring ideas forward there.



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