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[hudson-dev] Interesting investigation of hudson network performance


As part of our performance problems with Hudson, we did some
investigations on the network speed of Hudson. Our suspicion was that
Hudson is significantly slower at serving files than e.g. apache. Some
people observed difference upwards of 5x to 10x.

In order to investigate this we setup a script which repeatedly
downloaded a large artifact (100mb range) using 3 different method:

* Apache: We copied the artifact to the docroot of the apache on the
same machine
* Normal: Using the "download artifact link" on from the build page
* Plugin: Using the maven repository server plugin.

As you can see from the attached graph, the speed start out at roughly
the same, but at some point around 11:30 and 13:00 which makes Hudson
grind to a halt. Only way to recover is a restart.

While this test only shows download performance, we could see that the
Hudson master/slave communication followed the same pattern and e.g.
Maven archiving also slower down to the same speeds.

Any Ideas/comments ?

Best regards

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