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[hudson-dev] - New Infrastructure Switchover

As a head-up, we're in the process of migrating the Hudson Website and other infrastructure from it's old home to a shiny new one.  This move will not effect, or disrupt the Mailing Lists, or the Eclipse side of the project and hopefully you won't even notice it happen apart from a slight change in the homepage where I'm pointing more of the content at the Eclipse Wiki.
At this point can I ask the community to pause in making updates to the wiki or logging issues in the Jira.  Please use the Eclipse infrastructure alternatives during the switchover.

In the event of temporary outage as we move things around and finish off the migration:
1) Much of the Wiki content is mirrored into the Eclipse  WIKI [1]
2) Don't forget the Hudson Book as your primary source of documentation [2]
3) Builds for WARs and O/S Distros will still be available on the downloads page [3]
4) Any new issues can be logged in the Eclipse Bugzilla system [4]

If you find something is missing or not working feel free to email me directly and / or dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you prefer. This is a big opportunity to clean up the infrastructure and improve our overall horsepower and stability for Hudson-on-Hudson builds.

Thanks (in advance) for your patience.


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