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Re: [hudson-dev] [Hudson-Dev] Re: Announcing the Hudson job creator tool.

2012/1/16 SUSAN DUNCAN <susan.duncan@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> How about we have another category 'other tools' .It  is part of the plugin
> community infrastructure and should have a wiki page. It should also be
> included in the 'tier3' list to show how and where it is supported
> What else might it need?

Sounds like a good first step,but I also think it is important the
eclipse wiki promotes external tools/integration more prominently than
a simple "See our 3. party tools on the plugin wiki" link. I am not
saying list all the plugins, but big ticket items like the IDE plugins
for Netbeans,Eclipse,IntelliJ.

For now I have placed the wiki pages on the github wiki and made
pointers to it from both the "plugin wiki" and the eclipse wiki. At
the same time I copy/pasted the list of other tools and integrations
onto the eclipse wiki.

Best regards

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