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Re: [hudson-dev] Plugins and the new rest interface

The rest plugin enables JAX-RS based on Jersey implementation for REST. There is a minimal implementation of REST resources which are local to the core. If I'm correct it does not extend beyond the core. The plugin itself may have to provide its own REST Resource management using JAX-RS. Let me try and document how to do that from with in a plugin.

- Winston

On 12/14/11 2:53 AM, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen wrote:

I am talking about the new rest interface like:

which gives me

It matches the documentation here

What I would really like to know is how to extend the ssh-slaves
plugin to expose the properties needed to manage a ssh slave

Best regards

2011/12/13 Winston Prakash<winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>:
Are you referring to


- Winston

On 12/13/11 2:17 PM, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen wrote:


I have been looking at the new rest api in hudson in order to automate some
of our administration, but it seems like I have hit some limitations.

My case in point is the management of slaves. When I navigate to a slave
rest url, the only properties I can see are the very basic ones, namely
name, labels etc. but I cannot see any of ssh setup needed for ssh slaves

so my questions are:

* I assume that if I can't get the properties, I cannot set them either. Is
this correct?

* If not, how do I discover the attributes supported and their grammer ?

* If I would like to extend hudson to support these extra atributes I hope
this can be done in the relevant plugin but I have not been able to find any
documentation on the subject... can someone please give me some pointers?

Best regards

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