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[hono-dev] Commands & Control in HonoClient


Hi all,


as far as I see the HonoClient provides only support for backend apps to send commands (CommandClient) upstream to protocol adapters. However, there are not facilities for a protocol adapter to consume commands and to send downstream command responses.

I see such utilities in hono-service-base but they seem to be different level of services (not of the level of CommandClient, MessageSender, RegistrationClient, CredentialsClient).


Do you plan to make Commands & Control first level citizen of HonoClient and provide CommandResponseSender and CommandConsumer on the HonoClient level? Or you have chosen to leave all the low-level implementation to the protocol adapters?


Personally I think that these facilities shall be available via HonoClient, but I don’t see open issues for adding such support.

Поздрави / Best regards,

Avgustin Marinov

Engineering Cloud Services Device Manager
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