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Re: [hono-dev] Regarding the integration with other Eclipse project

The REST adapter currently exposes the Device Registration API via HTTP for convenience only. We will remove it from the REST adapter in the near future and will have the Device Registration service implementation expose it via HTTP.

In fact, the Device Registration API defines only one operation ("assert device registration") as 

mandatory to implement, because that is the only operation that Hono itself needs during operation.

The default implementation of the Device Registration API that comes with Hono is a pure in-memory implementation and is not suitable for production. We therefore do not plan to expose any of the Device Registration API operations in any of the protocol adapters at all. Instead, it is the responsibility of the implementor of the Device Registration API to provide means for managing device registration data, e.g. by means of implementing a RESTful API or whatever.

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Thank you very much for your response. I have one more question regarding the MQTT adapter. As I see, currently Hono documents only mention using MQTT for uploading telemetry or event messages but without registration (like REST adapter). Would the MQTT adapter be developed to enable the registration of devices in the future, or is it currently possible in someway ?

T. Nguyen

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