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Re: [hono-dev] Regarding the integration with other Eclipse project


ad 1) We definitely want to add more protocol adapters. In particular we would like to employ the code/artifacts from other Eclipse IoT projects for that purpose. The most obvious thing to do is adding a CoAP protocol adapter based on Eclipse Californium. A LWM2M protocol adapter probably doesn't make much sense since the "management" of the devices already constitutes an application in the Hono sense, i.e. LWM2M would probably better be implemented "northbound" of Hono. However, it would require the command & control direction, which is not (yet) available.

ad 2, 3) There is no need to install/use a separate MQTT broker in order to connect devices to Hono using MQTT. Hono's MQTT protocol adapter implements those parts of the MQTT protocol which are necessary for clients to connect and publish their telemetry or event messages. Please take a look at the MQTT adapter documentation [1] for details.


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Subject: [hono-dev] Regarding the integration with other Eclipse project
Hi there,

I am doing a study on the integration of Hono and other Eclipse IoT projects like Mosquitto, Leshan, and HawkBit. I come up with several questions:

1. As I noticed in the description, currently Hono only support MQTT connection through its MQTT adapter and HTTP connection through REST adapter. Is that possible that Hono can integrate with Leshan despite not having a LWM2M adapter ?

2. As far as I try to install Hono and Mosquitto on the same host, they don't work together well. Mosquitto broker cannot process subscribe/publish message on the host where Hono is running on. When I disable Hono, Mosquitto broker functions normally. This seems petty weird because they use two different ports. Meanwhile, when that host acts as an MQTT client and subscribe/publish to the MQTT broker on the other host (Hono is not installed), it works fine.

3. Are all the protocol adapters supposed to represent for other IoT projects. I mean that if Hono already has an adapter for MQTT, it doesn't need Mosquitto? Or these adapters are just the "link" between Hono and other IoT projects ?

T. Nguyen

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