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Re: [hono-dev] Agenda for face-to-face meeting

Hi Kai,

this agenda looks good to me and I’m very glad to see the initial work on the API has started :)

I think after defining the scope and timeline, we should continue working on the API as topics like topology and security will be incorporated in those decisions.

I’m looking forward to meet you in person.

On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 8:56 AM, Kai <> wrote:
Hi there,

our face-to-face meeting in Berlin is only one week away now and I would like to get in touch with you regarding topics we would like to discuss and work on during our two days.

I would like to gather your ideas and topics by means of this mailing list so please feel free to drop a line and I will assemble a draft agenda by the end of the week.

When we meet next Monday we can then adjust the agenda to our needs.

Here are some issues I would like to discuss during the meeting:

* Functional Scope - in particular, I would like to agree on some things that will NOT be in scope (at least not from the beginning)
* Rough timeline - when do we want to release milestones, a 1.0 etc?
* Topology Options - as already started on the wiki page [1], I would like to come to an agreement which option we start with
* Security/Privacy - I would like to make sure that we have a common understanding of the basic guarantees Hono will give regarding data privacy and how these should/could be enforced
* AMQP based API - we have started to work on the API for supporting Telemetry data upload [2] which I would like to show to you and get your feedback 

We will probably not be able to cover sall topics in depth so let me know what you think are the most important topics for which we should reserve the most time.

I am currently in the middle of preparing everything for the meeting. We will have two conference rooms to our disposal so we can also split up into groups working on things in parallel if we see fit.
You will be able to use our WiFi to get internet access to VPN into your company network to check emails etc.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Berlin next week :-)


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