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Re: [hono-dev] Topology options for client connectivity

On 04/03/16 13:33, Henryk Konsek wrote:
When it comes to "Connection via message broker" topology, I believe
that message broker IS Hono. Because there is no other component between
protocol adapter and service.

In that diagram, there is a separate 'API Impl: Hono' process.

I can see at least two ways that diagram might be realised in practice. In one, the Hono process is a processing point in the message flow between protocol adapters and solutions. E.g. if a solution issues a request it flows through the broker to Hono, which sends it on, via the broker, to the protocol adpater (which then forwards it to the device). In this case I would say that there *is* another component between the protocol adapter and the solution, even though these both communicate through connections to the broker.

Another approach would be for the Hono process to be acting as some kind of service to a broker-specific 'plugin'. I.e. the broker would establish calls to Hono in order to authorise and route messages between the protocol adapater and the service. Even here, I think there is value in distinguishing between the broker and Hono (even if these were in fact not separate processes but colocated).

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