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Re: [hono-dev] Topology options for client connectivity

That's what I see as the benefit of this approach as well. It also seems easier to implement Hono as an AMQP 1.0 client connecting to the Dispatch Router than implementing it as a server which is responsible for managing the connections securely. If we can offload that responsibility to e.g. the Dispatch Router we might be able to create a first version of Hono a little quicker ...

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On 01/03/16 15:41, Gordon Sim wrote:
> On 01/03/16 14:24, Hudalla Kai (INST/ESY1) wrote:
>> I have a question though: do you consider using the Dispatch Router a 
>> good idea for our purposes? In particular this also implies: is the 
>> Dispatch Router ready for production from your point of view?
>  From my point of view, yes it is. It is still a relatively young 
> project with lots of work ahead. It is already used in production as 
> part of Red Hat Satellite.

More generally, if the interface to Hono from the solutions and protocol adapters is AMQP 1.0, then most of the core code implementing that will be the same whether those connect directly to Hono or go via a router. 
The benefit of the latter is that Hono doesn't need to focus on the security aspects of having clients connecting to it directly. By using a standard protocol you leave the door open for alternate solutions, and as I say, even having Hono accepting direct connections should still be easy to achieve. So you have lots of flexibility.

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