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Re: [higgins-dev] old IdASRegistry ?

Hmm I did not discover this handler earlier.. So its purpose is to initialize the IdASRegistry? I think then its not necessary anymore.

If we need to keep it for whatever reason, then as Jim said context types would have to be put into the configuration in order to registering factories. But to me this seems like an ugly solution to an non-existent problem.

A meta-question about the way of collaborating: Who should delete it? Me? Greg?


On 8/21/07, Tom Doman < TDoman@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes, I believe it is.  The registry is now populated from an XRDS document and not from the Higgins configuration handlers.


>>> "Jim Sermersheim" <jimse@xxxxxxxxxx> 8/21/2007 5:03 PM >>>
OTOH, maybe Markus' first suggestion to delete the handler was correct.  With the way things will new work, is this handler obsolete?

>>> "Jim Sermersheim" <jimse@xxxxxxxxxx> 8/21/07 4:58 PM >>>
Mike, it looks like we'll need to add some data to the config to get this to work.

In order to register a factory with the new registry, we need to provide the factory instance (or class name) and the type (or types) of contexts that it can produce.  So it would probably be best to allow a set of types (strings) be associated with each factory in the config.

I don't think we can switch IdentityAttributeServiceHandler over to use the new registry until we reconcile this.


>>> "Jim Sermersheim" < jimse@xxxxxxxxxx> 8/21/07 3:55 PM >>>
I think we can delete it from org.eclipse.higgins.idas.common, but it's use in IdentityAttributeServiceHandler should be changed to consume the new one, right?

>>> "Markus Sabadello" <msabadello@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 8/21/07 11:56 AM >>>

There is an IdASRegistry in org.eclipse.higgins.idas.common . Can we delete this?

And it seems the XML ConfigurationHandler has a dependency on that. Can we delete this too?


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