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Re: [higgins-dev] new IdASRegistry

- that the registry can be used to "Add an already instantiated and configured context factory to the registry".  Do we really need this?  Does it work in your code?
- "IdASRegistry employs a cache, so that context factories can be re-used".  When does the cached instance become stale?  If the original config which was used to instantiate a factory changes, it would be good if a subsequent access of that factory would result in a fresh factory. lists some example context types.  Do we think we need an official list of these?   Also, if we do plan to standardize any context-specific settings for cases where multiple factories can be used to produce a given context, we should think of context types as the "key" to knowing what the standardized settings would be.  One suggestion might be that we simply carve out a place in the higgins wiki pages to document each context type, and the settings which are valid/required to be used to configure contexts of that type. (note that I'm talking about standardized config which one would see in the SEP for a context of a given type, not the context factory config) talks about a context descriptor having 0-N URIs.  What are these?  I seem to have forgotten.
- "When the IdASRegistry finds and instantiates a context factory, it checks whether the factory implements the IConfigurableComponent interface...".  I think we should change IContextFactory to extend IConfigurableComponent.  Then no checking needs to occur, and everyone works the same.
- I would remove IContextFactory.canCreate().
- Yes,  IContextFactory.createContext() should take IContextId
- On the third bullet, let's leave this out for now.  We can add it if we need to later.
- On the fifth bullet, let's not implement support for storage of pre-defined contexts.
Other than that and the other comments on the list, I think if the CP writers feel it's adoptable, I vote to check it in.

>>> "Markus Sabadello" <msabadello@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 8/6/07 7:49 AM >>>
Hi all,

Since I didn't get much feedback about the new XRI/XRDS based IdASRegistry, I am wondering if you guys (especially Jim and people working on Context Providers) had a chance to look at it.

I would like to check it in soon so we can get this running, and it will definitely break a few things. The changes will include replacing ContextRefs with ContextIds in the IContextFactory interface.

The relevant Wiki pages are:

If noone objects I propose to commit this in a few days.. Let me know if I can help with anything.


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