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Re: [higgins-dev] new IdASRegistry

No. As you say this is definitely not in the responsibility of the IdASRegistry and not implemented. It's a possible use case for the future.


On 8/8/07, Jim Sermersheim <jimse@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:,  Example #1, Step #4 seems to be doing more than I would have expected the IdASRegistry to do.  Does it really have the capability of generating i-cards/r-cards?

>>> "Markus Sabadello" <msabadello@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 8/6/07 7:49 AM >>>
Hi all,

Since I didn't get much feedback about the new XRI/XRDS based IdASRegistry, I am wondering if you guys (especially Jim and people working on Context Providers) had a chance to look at it.

I would like to check it in soon so we can get this running, and it will definitely break a few things. The changes will include replacing ContextRefs with ContextIds in the IContextFactory interface.

The relevant Wiki pages are:

If noone objects I propose to commit this in a few days.. Let me know if I can help with anything.


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