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Re: [higgins-dev] new IdASRegistry


All right, I had a chance to review the relevant Wiki pages and I think it all
looks pretty good to me.  I just have a question about converting over to it.

I guess I'm confused about the code snippet in the example at under
ConfigurationHandler for XRDS.  Perhaps what I'm doing in my JUnit tests
today will go away in favor of the new registry.  Since my test are only
concerned with exercising the Context Provider implementations, maybe
the new registry will do everything I need and those code snippets don't

Today, I'm emulating what a client application would do to configure the
system using the current Higgins configuration APIs which is similar to the
example minus the specification of an SEP.  If I understand correctly, I
can eliminate that code by simply using an XRDS document as described
in the IdASRegistry section of the same page.  Am I on the right track
here?  If so, that would be great, but I don't see an example showing how
the registry instance is primed with the specified XRDS document.  What
would be my choices for location?  A URI/XRI?


>>> "Markus Sabadello" <msabadello@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 8/6/2007 7:49 AM >>>
Hi all,

Since I didn't get much feedback about the new XRI/XRDS based IdASRegistry,
I am wondering if you guys (especially Jim and people working on Context
Providers) had a chance to look at it.

I would like to check it in soon so we can get this running, and it will
definitely break a few things. The changes will include replacing
ContextRefs with ContextIds in the IContextFactory interface.

The relevant Wiki pages are: 

If noone objects I propose to commit this in a few days.. Let me know if I
can help with anything.


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