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RE: [higgins-dev] Use of Xerces 2.8 subcomponents?

Xerces is no longer required by any of our CPs except the XML File CP (which is currently broken and not used AFAIK) and I'll change that one to use something else or version 2.8.


>>> "Mary Ruddy" <mary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 7/31/2007 4:24 PM >>>
Thanks Tom,

Tom and Sergei,

The other issue that I wanted to double check on is the use of Xerces
2.8 vs. 2.7.1.  I thought that we had determined that 2.8 (which has
already been approved by Eclipse legal can be used instead of 2.7.1, but
the component lists still show the dependency as 2.7.1.  Can 2.8 be made
to work? I understand that Xerces is a subdependency, but frequently
later releases of a subdependency can also be used.

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I don't think we've ever had a direct dependency on the "other" Xerces
components.  Rather, those components were required by Xerces itself at
runtime.  At least, this is my understanding.  Therefore, I assume
eclipse legal would want to review those dependencies as well.


>>> "Mary Ruddy" <mary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 7/24/2007 9:35 AM >>>
Tom and Sergey (anyone else contemplating use of Xerces 2.8)
Do you need any other Xerces components? (such as XML-APIS, Resolver,
etc.)  Do we need the IMPL jar? The components wiki pages don't list
anything, but Eclipse Legal has asked me to double check. (We don't want
to waste time reviewing sub components that we don't need and we want to
make sure that all the things we need are reviewed.)

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