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[higgins-dev] Non breaking change to HOWL (v1.17)

I have just committed a non-breaking change to HOWL. I added ComplexValue as
a new (third alternative) domain for higgins:attribute properties. 

Rationale: This will allow ComplexValues to be constructed recursively from
other ComplexValues and/or SimpleValues. This offers a second alternative
means of describing complex values. Before this change the only way to model
a complex value (e.g. a postal address, with "street" and "city" parts,
etc.) was to define your own subclass of higgins:Value (e.g.
myOntology:PostalAddress, etc.)

See [1] for the v1.17 higgins.owl ontology 
See [2] for a summary of the ontology


Thank you Sergey Lyakhov for pointing out to me that this was missing.


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