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[higgins-dev] Notes from the July 19th Higgins developers call.

Notes from the July 19th Higgins developers call.




Alex Amies - IBM

*Paula Austel - IBM

*Jeff Broberg CA

*Andy Hodgkinson - Novell

*Duane Buss - Novell

*Greg Byrd - NCSU/IBM

Brian Carrol - Serena

*Tom Doman - Novell

*Valery Kokhan - Parity Ukraine

*David Kuehr-Mclaren - IBM

Mike McIntosh - IBM

*Nataraj Nagaratnam - IBM

Dale Olds - Novell

Uppili Srinivasan - Oracle

Drummond Reed - Cordance

*Mary Ruddy - Parity/SocialPhysics

*Markus Sabedello

*Jim Sermersheim - Novell

*George Stanchev - Serena

Daniel Sanders

Abhi Schelat - IBM

*Paul Trevithick - Parity/SocialPhysics

*Igor Tsinman - Parity


* Present






Preliminary agenda

• IdAS Registry

o - Paul

o - Drummond

o - Markus

• M0.9 action items

• Update on the build situation

• Other?



1) IdAS Registry. 

Paul:  A number of new wiki pages have been created. The first is

Duane: Has questions about how context URI will morph.

Paul: First new page defines ContextID name and contextualized subjectID, now we can talk about what an r-card is.  Contextualized subject ID is a fully defined way to refer to a subjectID. There are also...

Paul: The next link on the page is context discovery

Raj: Globally unique or just with respect to a system?

Paul: They are globally identified, with a caveat. There are several levels of support depending on where/how the resolution service is running.

Raj: We need to work on the use cases. For example a context for my HR business unit, or my Credit Card Partner, or I want my local wallet context.

Paul: We've done some examples, and we need to do a lot more.

Raj: The problem is the examples are technology specific, rather than implementation specific, within an organization, or cross organizations, etc.

Paul: That is a good idea, to add a bigger section on use cases.

Drummond: We do also have a context discovery page


Drummond: We just put in a few examples so far. The first is consumer facing. The second is a relationship card and the third is more technical.

Paul: So we should add Raj's use cases on this page rather than on the other one.

Jim: I'm happy. Is there a plan to have the IdAS registry proposal lay out more of the mechanics than are included here? 

Paul: There is a third link with more of that These wiki pages are interlinked.)

Markus: This is basically an implementation of...  Reads data from an XML file. Just put your existing configuration into an XRDS document.

Greg: You said replacement for. Do you mean alternative to?

Markus: Yes.

Markus: It initializes from this local XRDS file.

Tom: Have a context type question. Would it be appropriate to name Context types according to the class?

Jim: One reason to make it implicit: Different deployments could have different providers.

Raj: Application developers should only need to know the ContextID. They should be buffered.

Markus: We could just pass the ContextID as a string to the IdAS registry and let it construct what it needs.

Raj: We need to be concerned about what application developers need to be concerned with and what infrastructure developers need to be concerned with.

Paul: There is a lot of interest in separating the ContextID from the other info??? There are use cases where you need to discover it.

Raj: Need to make things very consumable to app developers

Jim: We could just put a method on ContextRegistry. Pass it a string or ContextID to open it. 

Markus: This could be done.

Markus: If you just pass the ContextID as a string to the ContextFactory...

Jim: If GetContextFactory could take a string, then...

?? Autodetect is very carefully constructed now so that you know what you've got

Paul: We only have a few minutes left in the call.  Mary, shall we move to the next topic?

Mary:  Yes. The next topic is the M0.9 items. See wiki page provided on the agenda. 

Paul: The M 0.9 goal is that we freeze the architecture for R1.0 at the end of July.

Mary: So we can focus on tidying up what we have.

Jim: Can we add new methods?? Etc??

Paul: Have qualified the freeze to be at the component level. Wiki has been updated.

Raj: If we lock down the functionality.  We need to review the API's for consumeability.

Paul: For milestone 1.0, I'm adding that.

Raj: Consumability is very important.

Mary: This is an important theme: consumability.  It was the major topic on our last call. There are many levels at which we need to be consumable:  Builds, API's, etc. 

Paul: Yes. We are making progress on doing the builds.

Paul: We also have three committers that are going through the voting process.





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