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[higgins-dev] FW: [equinox-dev] Re: JAAS code approved

…just in case you folks missed this…


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Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 11:11 AM
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Cc: Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM; Eric W Li/Westford/IBM
Subject: [equinox-dev] Re: JAAS code approved


This is great news, we'll have the code posted and a guide on how to use our sample application that does login to either a Java KeyStore or the Operating System shortly.

The older security pages are definitely dated - I'll find out how to get them into a more relevant state and pointing at the wiki.


Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM wrote on 07/16/2007 11:50:41 PM:

> Matt/Eric,

> After talking with Janet yesterday/today, the blockage around the
> JAAS code CQ has been cleared and you are now ok to put the code
> mentioned in CQ 1549 in the Equinox incubator CVS repo.  Woohoo!  
> Congratulations and thanks for your patience.

> Please work with Oleg and the Equinox community (likely via equinox-
> dev) to ensure the code gets in, in the right place/form and is
> widely publicized as being available.  In particular, it would be
> good if you can reach out to Neil Bartlett (EclipseJAAS) and the
> others who have expressed interest/expertise in this area to get
> some review and look for opportunities for better, deeper
> integration and addressing further usecases.

> Please also ensure that the website and wikis are updated.  The
> Security workarea information seems a bit dated and does not have
> highlevel items pointing one in the direction of your latest work.  
> The website does not point to the wiki.  it would be great if the
> wiki/web (likely wiki) had "how to" guides for using this new
> function, wiki pages with JAAS, JCA, ... in the title would be good, etc.

> Anyway, this is great!  There will be alot of people very excited about this.

> Jeff

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