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Re: [higgins-dev] Contributing Bandit utilities to Higgins

Indeed, we discussed the "catch all" aspect of a generic utilities package and so we could create small projects for each piece we want to share.  Would that be more palatable to everyone?

The utilities are for a variety of needs and are generally quite small.  No, I know of no equivalent function in Higgins today.  Here's what we've got:
1. JavaScript policy execution.
2. Higgins specific JavaScript policy decision points for mapping items related to Digital Subjects.
3. JNDI RFC-based filter handling code.
4. Specialized use-case miscellaneous utility classes like a CaseInsensitiveStringKey, NonEscapedAttrXMLWriter, and text variable substituters.
5. XACML policy execution and PDP code.

The one set of code that we DID have an equivalent for in Higgins is being removed right now from the Bandit utilities by me.  That is, the configuration code.

Items 1 and 2 are of the most generalized usage since the JNDI, OpenID, and JSPolicy CPs all already use that code and I'm converting it to use the Higgins configuration code right now.


>>> Anthony Nadalin <drsecure@xxxxxxxxxx> 7/16/2007 3:41 PM >>>

What are these utilities for ? Do we already have equivalent function in
Higgins today ? Making a generic utilities package is hard as it tends to
be a catch all

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  From:       "Tom Doman" <TDoman@xxxxxxxxxx>                          
  To:         <higgins-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>                                
  Date:       07/16/2007 11:55 AM                                      
  Subject:    [higgins-dev] Contributing Bandit utilities to Higgins   

Currently, all Bandit utilities used in Novell contribute CPs are dual
licensed under the EPL and LGPL.  Having them in a different project from
Higgins actually makes it harder for us to debug, modify, and maintain them
as we make changes in Higgins.  We've discussed moving them into the
Higgins project so I'd like to know if anyone within or outside Novell has
any issues with just moving these to Higgins.  If not, where would we like
them?  org.eclipse.higgins.util?


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