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[higgins-dev] Sample code for STS to IdAS integration

I have a sample application (attached) running which assumes this:
In order to run it, you'll need the latest LDAP CP, latest IdAS, context.config.xml, and a bunch of supporting jar files.  All this is checked into, but I assume you can't pull it from there.
Let me know how to get you what you need for this to run.
Anyone who *does* have access to the bandit code, Update to the latest and run the "sample" ant target in Bandit/Higgins/build.xml.
To make this happen:
* We now do a simple name mapping ("mikemci" becomes "uid=mikemci,o=higgins" due to some stuff in the config file)
* We now map the appropriate ldap attributes to the claims in (the solution here is hard-coded for now, will become configurable later)
* We now handle a BasicUsernamePasswordIdentity object in the LDAP CPs method.

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