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RE: [higgins-announce] Re: higgins-announce Digest, Vol 5, Issue 1

Himanshu, please see inline.


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Hi Mary,


Thanks for your reply.
I was trying to see how higgins works, can you tell me where do the components in the architecture fit in when I do the following (what information is exchanged) -

1) After installing Higgins Browser Extension - HBX service URL comes, where I enter my email address and password

Higgins Username :- himanshu.sharma@xxxxxxx
Higgins UrL :-
Password :- weather chocolate
What is this service doing??


Parity hosts a test version of the Higgins H1 identity agent. See here for some details as to what this is.  I’ve just added a “Functionality” section that tells a bit about what you can do with H1.

2)Then I click on the Icon on firefox - ICard Manager gets opened.



3) I go to - Bandit Open Source IdP
I create an account and then it automatically imports the card



4)I log onto these  sites  -

i try to login using my card - higgins browser add on shows me the card
but it asks me for my username and password - i used to create that card

So is it always necessary to give username/password for managed cards?


There are four ways to authenticate to a managed card. It is up to the issuer of the card to decide which method will be used. Higgins H1 only supports username/password, although support for all four will be part of 1.0 and is will be completed within the next week or so.


UN/PW auth. There is also a bug in H1 at present whereby it doesn’t even remember the username of the card—so you have to type that in. That bug will be fixed shortly. We are going to allow the user the option of having the agent remember the password for you, so then you won’t have to type it more than once.


Besides x509 and Kerberos, the last auth method is to auth to a managed card using the PPID from a personal card. As I mentioned this will be supported shortly. In this case no un or pw are required.

Can i view d details of managed card also from HBX?


We are in the process of implementing this functionality. It requires the agent to fetch a display token.

How to create a personal card for using with Higgins framework.
What part do the components in the higgins architecture play in the information flow?


If by “personal card” you mean a p-card (see i-card)  then the card object is managed by an i-card provider, the list of cards is maintained by the i-card registry, we use IdAS or an XML file to persist the p-card object, the i-card manager would display the card, the i-card manager consumes the RPPS service as the top level “agent” interface.





Thanks and Regards,
Himanshu Sharma

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Can anyone tell how the information flows in Higgin trust framework.

Himanshu Sharma
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Thank you for your interest in Higgins.  Higgins supports numerous
information flows (corresponding to varying identity management protocols,
etc.) Is there a specific use case that interests you?



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Can anyone tell how the information flows in Higgin trust framework.

Himanshu Sharma

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