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[higgins-announce] Re: Flow of Information

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From: Himanshu Sharma <hsharma65@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 06-Sep-2007 00:42
Subject: Re: higgins-announce Digest, Vol 5, Issue 1
To: higgins-announce@xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your reply.
I was trying to see how higgins works, can you tell me where do the components in the architecture fit in when I do the following (what information is exchanged) -

1) After installing Higgins Browser Extension - HBX service URL comes, where I enter my email address and password

Higgins Username :- himanshu.sharma@xxxxxxx
Higgins UrL :-
Password :- weather chocolate
What is this service doing??

2)Then I click on the Icon on firefox - ICard Manager gets opened.

3) I go to - Bandit Open Source IdP
I create an account and then it automatically imports the card

4)I log onto these  sites  -

i try to login using my card - higgins browser add on shows me the card
but it asks me for my username and password - i used to create that card

So is it always necessary to give username/password for managed cards?
Can i view d details of managed card also from HBX?
How to create a personal card for using with Higgins framework.
What part do the components in the higgins architecture play in the information flow?

Thanks and Regards,
Himanshu Sharma
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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 21:52:58 +0530
From: "Himanshu Sharma" <hsharma65@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [higgins-announce] Flow of Information
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Can anyone tell how the information flows in Higgin trust framework.

Himanshu Sharma
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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 13:20:51 -0400
From: "Mary Ruddy" < mary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Thank you for your interest in Higgins.  Higgins supports numerous
information flows (corresponding to varying identity management protocols,
etc.) Is there a specific use case that interests you?



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Subject: [higgins-announce] Flow of Information

Can anyone tell how the information flows in Higgin trust framework.

Himanshu Sharma

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