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Re: [henshin-user] Nested application conditions in Henshin diagrams?


Am 23.10.18 um 00:15 schrieb Zschaler, Steffen:
Thanks, Matthias. I have implemented this for my metamodel and it seems to work. The only strange thing at the moment is that the rule seems to remove all tokens from all input places rather than just one token per place. Clearly, I have a misunderstanding of multi-rules here. Can you help?

Sorry for being late. I think i remember that i was surprised by that as well. But it made sense. I think this is the case, because a multi-rule is applied for all matches; and a rule for a location node and a token node can be applied multiple times for all tokens of the same location (since those are always different matches).

Does this make sense?

BTW, how does one get the textual syntax?

You should be able to create one using the usual "new"-wizard in eclipse.



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