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[henshin-user] Problem with type of parameters in units

Hello Henshin users,

I have a question about parameter type declaration in units:

When I have a sequential unit that calls only rules, I can declare a var parameter X in the unit that is declared as output of the first rule the first rule, and as an input of the second rule. However, when I replace the second rule by a unit that calls itself the second rule, and I declare the X parameter as an input to this called unit, the validation raises an error on the top unit as in parameters may only be mapped to in, inout or unknown parameters.

How shall I declare the X parameter on the second rule to prevent this validation error (that has no impact on the transformation execution) ?

Note: I have a similar problem for  out parameters when I replace the first rule by a unit.


Best regards,


         Pierre-Yves Schmerber

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