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Re: [henshin-user] How to best debug an inexectuable transformation?

Hi Roland,

Am 04.10.2017 um 11:02 schrieb Kluge, Roland:
Dear Henshin developers,

I am new to using Henshin and still struggeling to get a simple
transformation (in fact: a "match-only rule") running.
I suspect that it could be a simliar issue as reported in .
This means you're working with UML profiles? This makes things a bit complicated indeed, including the setup of the environment.

Therefore, I would like to debug the transformation process (Java-code level
is fine!).

Is there a simple way to install the source code such that I can debug the
transformation process?
Coincidentally, we support such a simple way since 2 weeks: The nightly-build update site now has a "source" feature. See

Is there another way of executing the transformation that gives me, e.g., a
status report/a partial match/...?
For the inter-rule level, there is the concept of ApplicationMonitor - see

Unfortunately, for the intra-rule level, which seems to be the scope here,  I can't point you to anything at the moment. Debugging Henshin is actually an active research area, and we hope to make some progress on this in the future (CC'ing Matthias Tichy, who's working on that.)

Best regards,


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